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Django Consulting

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The Django framework has become a very popular, Python based, web development framework. Core Software Group has been providing consulting services with Django to build custom database solutions as well as for maintaining existing customer sites.

Django's very powerful toolset provides:

  • SQL Backed (MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite)
  • Data ModelsDjango Logo
  • Django Templates
  • Web Forms
  • Automatic Admin Interface
  • Excellent Documentation and Tutorials

SQL and Data Models

Django's easy to use model syntax allows you to use Python to define your models, write queries, and retrieve objects from the SQL back-end of your choice.  Learn more in Django's documentation for their API.

Templates and Forms

Django uses it's own builtin template language, called Django Templates.  It allows for easy creation of pages with tags, {% tag %}, variables, {{ variable }}, and filters, {{ variable|length }}.  You can also easily extend a page template with others, like base.html with your standard header and footer HTML.  Read more...

Admin Interface

A very unique addition to Django is the automatically created administration interface.  This web-based interface reads your models and creates forms and pages to allow you to simply add, edit and delete your data.  From the DJango site:

Django Admin

Excellent Documentation

The Django community excels at maintaining very detailed, version specific documentation:

Contact Us for More Information

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your project.

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