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Page First impressions with Kotti
The boss is away this week, so I'm learning about Kotti. Here's how I solved the problem of limiting a content type to the root of the site.
Page Automated Amazon EBS Volume Snapshots with Boto
The following write-up describes how to setup, configure and use an easy tool for taking regular snapshots of Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes.
Page Public Data Hacking with Python in Larimer County
Inspired by Dave Beazley's Public Data Hacking tutorial, I decided to investigate my local public data. It turns out, Larimer County provides API access to ...
Page Pyramid Hosting
If you are developing an application with the powerful Pyramid framework, and are in need of hosting solutions, see below for more information about how Core ...
Page Django Consulting
The Django framework has become a very popular, Python based, web development framework. Core Software Group has been providing consulting services with ...
Page How to open SSH links in iTerm 2
When I switched to iTerm 2, it wouldn't open ssh links for me. Instead, it opened new tabs. I finally solved the problem with a simple configuration change.
Page A Landscape of Python Web Development
Last week we had our kickoff meeting of the new Python Web Development meetup in Fort Collins, Colorado. We had 8 folks at the meeting and had great ...
Page Setuptools and a failing bootstrap
After distribute and setuptools merged back together, I had a problem running bootstrap. Upgrading setuptools fixed the problem for me.
Page Django Hosting
If you are looking for a hosting provider for your Django developed site or project, see below for more information about how Core Software Group can help.
Page Plone Hosting
Core Software Group is a provider of Plone hosting solutions. We offer standard and custom options for Plone and the underlying Zope framework.
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