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Page Adding a Zope 3 permission to Plone
We recently migrated a Plone 2 site to Plone 3. This site had more than a hundred skins files. While migrating one of them to a Zope 3 browser view, we needed ...
Page Injecting Plone variables into javascript
I needed access to Plone variables (specifically portal_url) from within javascript. So, I created a browser view and python script that outputs the necessary ...
Page Migrating portal_status_message to addPortalMessage for Plone 3
Recently we did a large migration of a site with a high level of custom development. The old site was 2.0.5, and we migrated to 3.2.2. One of the coding ...
Page Installing plone 3 using paster
A short how-to for installing plone 3 using paster
Page Overriding the Title tag in Plone 3
The default title for a Plone 3 site has the page title on the left and portal title on the right, separated by an em dash. I needed to change that for a ...
Page Welcome to our new blog
Welcome. I hope we can provide some valuable information here for Plone users, content managers, and developers.
Page Simple way to add lightbox/thickbox support to Plone 3 site
I've been on a constant quest to find a simple way to add lightbox support to a Plone 3 site. Thanks to Products.pipbox, it is easy.
Page Fix for 404 Not Found Error for @@manage-portlets
In the midst of upgrading a Plone site from 2.5.x to 3.3.x (and eventually to 4.x), we discovered certain custom content types were returning a 404 error when ...
Page Plone Hosting
Core Software Group is a provider of Plone hosting solutions. We offer standard and custom options for Plone and the underlying Zope framework.
Page How to enable User Folders in Plone
User Folders are an option in Plone. You can turn them on In the Security settings area of Site Setup (Plone Control Panel). Here's how I enabled User Folders ...
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