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Welcome to our new blog

by Chris Crownhart — last modified Aug 15, 2009 12:45 PM

Welcome. I hope we can provide some valuable information here for Plone users, content managers, and developers.

We at Core Software Group have been working with Zope for almost 10 years now, and with Plone for nearly 7 years!  Man, that is awesome!  I have always believed that Plone is the killer app for Zope, and have thoroughly enjoyed providing Plone consulting services.

During our journey down the Plone road, we have learned a ton, and it is my hope that we can share what we have learned in the past, and what we will learn in the future, on this blog, so other folks can benefit.

We have worked on Zope-only applications, built CMF-only applications, supported a variety of Plone versions, and most recently have been migrating old Plone sites to the newer Plone 3 platform.

There are an enormous amount of resources on the web for helping developers with Plone, but it always seems like the one thing you are working on does not have much documentation.  Additionally, there are just some things that require the "secret decoder ring"!

When we come across oddities that require you to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time to get Plone to work just right, we will tag them with "secret decoder ring".

I hope that we can provide useful information to other developers.  If you like what we've done, or have questions about what we can do, please feel free to contact us.

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